Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rambles of a Mother

I'm pretty much amazed by my son.

I love watching him discover new things. It's so exciting. It's neat to see the wheels turning in his head, the light bulb moments when he puts two and two together, the ah-ha! and repeated experimentations as he explores the world around him.

His most recent discovery is echoes. There are a few places we walk through every day that he's noticed are particularly good as far as echoes go. As soon as we walk in the door of the parking garage, for instance, he starts his "ah! ah! ah! oh! oh! oh!", grinning away as his voice echoes off the cement walls. Same with the elevators, the mail room, the entrance way. It's one of those things that had never occurred to me that he would discover one day. I mean, I just never thought of it. Echoes. How fun!

Speaking of fun, we've started swim class at the local pool again, along with our own swim time in the outdoor pool at our condo. He starts grinning as soon as his toes touch the water. He'll be a regular fish in no time, the way he keeps trying to swim out of my arms already.

Not only does he think he can swim alone, but he thinks he's ready for Mom and Dad's shoes too. He opens the closet and pulls out Mom's sandals or Dad's big shoes, then works away at trying to get them on his feet, looking ever so pleased with himself when he succeeds.

Most of all, he's just plain fun. We had our first pillow fight today - he giggled like crazy as I (softly) knocked him over with the pillow, then he'd take the pillow and plop it on my lap, laughing some more when I fell over too.

I just love that boy's laugh.

I just love that boy.


  1. I love when you share stories about Jacob. He seems like one amazing little boy!


  2. I love your stories about Jacob. Reading this makes me even more excited about having my little boy. I can't wait to experience those things with him. :)

  3. This was so sweet to read it made me tear up. lol. I love all their new discoveries and watching their fascination and joy when they get to do something new and fun.