Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Knitting adorableness

Last month I began knitting a pair of wool pants for the little guy. I intended to use it as a diaper cover, but wouldn't you know it, he was mostly out of diapers by the time I finished. Fortunately, they make adorable pants anyway.

This was my first foray into making clothing (other than hats and mitts). It was so much simpler than I expected, I'm kicking myself for putting it off so long!

I learned a few new techniques in the process, most notably short rows (I was a short row virgin before beginning this project) and provisional cast on. Fun stuff!


The Details

Pattern: Adorabubble Baby Britches (Ravelry; Etsy)
Yarn: Lion Brand 100% Wool in midnight blue
Needles: 4.5mm and 4.0mm
Mods and Specs: Custom sizing; enclosed i-cord drawstring waist, seed stitch cuffs.
Began: Feb 17, 2009
Finished: Mar 11, 2009

Current project - my first pair of socks!


  1. These are SO cute! I wish I was a more accomplished knitter. I am the worst to leave my projects on the needle's forever (like the blanket I started making for a friends baby who will be a year old in umm 4 months).

    Your little boy is getting so big! He looks adorable in his blue breeches!

  2. Oh gosh he is so darn cute (and so are the pants)! Great job (on both, hahah).

  3. Those are cute. I have a pair similar to those on my list to make. I knew you'd love making clothing once you got started. It's really not that hard. Oh and short rows are lifesavers in knitting.

    How did that brand of wool work up? I've never used it because it feels a little itchy for my tastes. I've also been concerned about well it would slide on my needles. I like yarn to have a good slide and a bit of elasticity so that it doesn't make my hands hurt. I'd be curious to hear how much different the yarn feels after you wash it.

    Anywho...just my knitting two cents...great job !

  4. Oh these are just too cute! And your son models them well!

  5. Melody, I quite liked the brand of wool as far as working with it goes. I have a pair of shorts (knit by someone else) for the little guy knit out of the same wool. It's not scratchy at all, very soft and nice to wear. My only complaint with this wool is that it pills horribly and quickly. A sweater shaver fixes it, but regardless, I'd like to find another wool that I can use for diaper covers that doesn't pill quite so badly.

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  7. He is sooo cute!!! The pants look great too!!

  8. Wow, I am impressed! You may inspire me to be brave and try something more difficult! I started a hat for the first time about a month ago but lost momentum half way through the project. I need to give it another whirl!

  9. Jacob is so adorable! I can't believe how much he has grown. You did a great job on those pants. They are so cute!

  10. i'm popping over from ravelry CCC board.... but those pants are cuteness! i'm a short row virgin at the minute, but that will soon change... i'll be casting on soon for a pair of shorties! (my first)
    good job mama!