Sunday 26 August 2007

About Us

Us - me, my husband, and our son.

Let's do that backwards.

Our son was born this April, making him just over 4 months old right now. He is our beautiful gift from God. I do believe he is just about the most gorgeous creature on earth, and the sweetest to boot. How lucky am I??

My husband is a serious computer geek. We met in the 7th grade, started dating 8 years later, and got engaged 3 years after that. We were married this past February. He's a pretty awesome guy.

Hmm, me. I'm not terribly exciting. For instance, I'm an accountant. I did 5 years of distance education to earn myself a bachelor's degree and a professional designation, but really all I want to be is a stay at home mom. Right now I'm on maternity leave, but when the time comes to go back I will either be working from home or not working at all. I've simply no desire to leave my precious little bundle of joy to be raised by someone else while I go to work to pay daycare bills each month.

We're a pretty quiet family (well, a bit nosier now that the little man has joined us, but fortunately he's more laughter than cries). We're Christian and currently attend an Anglican church (a decidedly conservative one that matches our beliefs, for those aware of the current controversy and split within the Anglican Church of Canada as well as the Episcopalian Church of the USA).

This blog will likely be the Chronicles of the Changes of Me - new wife, new mother, new cruchy hippy wanna-be. Who knew having a baby would be the start of a complete revision of self?

Thursday 23 August 2007

I Don't Wanna

The more I learn about the world, the more I find myself saying I don't wanna.

I don't wanna do what I'm told.

I don't wanna do it just because it's normal.

I don't wanna do it just because it's expected.

I don't wanna do it just because it's mainstream.

I don't wanna.

The more I learn about the world, the more I find myself noticing. Considering. Thinking. Deciding. Changing. Leaving the mainstream behind.

Countless unconscious decisions I once took for granted are now becoming conscious choices.

Maybe this is called growing up? (Except that I don't see most people doing it!)

I don't want to fill my house with chemicals just because P&G wants me to. I don't want to eat food filled with crap just because it's what the nearest grocery store sells. I don't want to take every medicine known to man for every little sniffle just because the drug company needs to up their profit. I don't want to give birth to a drugged-up baby just because the nurses tell me to have an epidural. I don't want to pump my kid full of toxins just because the doctor says he should be vaccinated. I don't want to leave my baby to cry it out just because society says he needs to learn to be independent. I don't want to send him off to public school in a few years just because it's normal.

And on and on and on and on.

So this is me, finally stepping up and saying, "Hey world! I don't want to do it just because it's mainstream!"