Tuesday 25 May 2010

Ridiculously proud

My sweet little baby (five months old - already!) is moving all over the place these past few days. I lay him down in one spot, and seconds later he's on the other side of the room. He shall be dubbed "The Flash" in no time - and he's not even crawling yet! I have a feeling we'll be in for quite the adventures when he starts that up.

Right now he has somehow flipped a book onto his back, gotten halfway stuck under a chair, and is trying to dump out his brother's craft bucket. Fortunately, Brother is still obliviously sleeping away in our bedroom, so all remains peaceful and quiet out here.

Any minute now, though, he'll wake up and chaos will once again reign. Yes, we might be dealing with just a wee bit of possessiveness on the part of big brother these past few days. We're working through it, slowly but surely!

In the meantime, I will simply continue to be ridiculously proud of this happens-to-every-child accomplishment - my baby is mobile (and oh so cute)!