Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Passing the buck

My husband and I both have a bit of an, er, "weakness" as far as books go. Passing by a bookstore without going inside is quite the trial.

But now we can totally pass the buck when it comes to this.

There's a shopping plaza near our home with a very large bookstore. Our son already knows what's inside. We can't even walk by it without him exclaiming books! books! and trying to pull us towards the door. This kid loves books.

And we love that he loves books.

But even more than that, we love that we can now blame our vices on our kid.

Rock on, child.


  1. haha, awesome! I think my children will be the same way. I LOVE books (my husband I'm not convinced can actually read..j/k).

    There is something at my blog for you! I hope you have a great day!

  2. We are the same way. There should be a bookaholics anonymous...they would probably just tell us to go to the library. LOL

  3. If your going to pick a vice, books would be the one! From your fellow book and bookstore fanatic,


  4. LOL....that's awesome. I'll have to remember that one. ;-)

  5. OMGOSH!! I was JUST Thinking this the other day!!!!!!!!!! Luke is the same way... HOWL!!
    I just LOVE that he adores books!!!
    We need to get the two bookworms together more often....