Thursday 12 February 2009

Big boy underwear!

We had a big potty learning milestone today - our first poo in the toilet! (And by "our" I mean "his". I've been quite proficient at pooing on the toilet for a couple decades now.)

I remember reading a quote somewhere, long ago, about how God made poo stink because otherwise mothers would be so proud of their children's first poos that they'd try to save it. Too true, too true.


He's been doing amazing on the toilet ever since hubby went back to work. His one week temporary job was extended for another week, so the little guy and I have had two weeks now to get back into a really good routine. I really struggle with that when my husband's home 24/7. But suddenly the little guy is almost completely potty trained (telling me when he needs to go, staying dry all day except naps, and able to stop himself right away if he does start to have an accident), we're eating much healthier and more regularly, he's picking up all sorts of new concepts, we're getting out a lot more, and I'm just really enjoying him in a new way. It's hard to explain. I've always enjoyed him - I think he's pretty much the most amazing boy ever - but these past couple weeks have been even more fun. It's been really good for us, and he's clearly flourishing. It's neat to see.

So to celebrate his amazing job on the potty (and his first poo there!), we went out this evening and bought big boy underwear! We got a package of Cars undies, a package of trucks undies, and a couple of the old school waffle weaves. He was giddy with excitement. He had to put them on the minute we got home. And then take them off and try another pair. And then take those ones off and try another pair. Then he was satisfied for the rest of the evening.

I'm really proud of him. And not just for this - for everything. It's just amazing to watch him grow. He's such a sweet kid, so great when we go out, always complimented on how good he is, SO SO funny (I laugh SO MUCH because of him), just great. It's been fascinating to watch him grow into toddlerhood, and I can't wait to see the boy and man he becomes.


  1. Aww it's so exciting that he's in big boy underwear! It's great that this whole process has gone so smoothly for you (and him).

  2. You are blessed to have this one on one time with him. I miss the days where I had that with Hannah. I don't know if she'll ever get potty trained now. LOL

    It's so neat reading about Jacob. :)

  3. I love hearing you talk about him. It always makes me go "awwwww"- even when it's about poo!

  4. Yay! Exciting times.

  5. That's really great!! In a moment you'll be wondering when he was ever in diapers! Hope it continues to be easy for both of you!!