Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ah, Spring

How I love thee.

It's the time of year where some people are out in shorts and sandals while others are still huddled inside parkas and winter boots. Me, I'm somewhere in the middle - still sticking to longer skirts, but I couldn't resist slipping out the sandals in place of the winter boots today. Ah, happy feet. I detest socks.

When my husband makes fun of me, I just remind him that Jesus wore sandals. Hence, I am more godly than he. *pats self on back*

I love the smell of spring - that warm and wonderful fresh spring smell. (Or is it the smell of melting dog poo and rotten leaves? Either way, I love it.)

I can feel my spirits rising already. The warm sun, the growing patches of grass, the warm breeze, the longer days, the warmer temperatures, the lack of biting cold, the warmth, the lack of snow, oh yes, and the warmth. Mostly the warmth. And the long walks where you come home feeling refreshed instead of wanting to die from the cold.

On the other hand, at least winters here aren't as bad as they were in northern Manitoba where I grew up. I haven't forgotten those -50C days that froze your nostrils and eyelids shut and left icicles on the men's mustaches. Woohoooo, those were the days. Is it any wonder I have such an aversion to winter?

Then again, the snow forts we built were pretty awesome.

Still - spring, glorious spring, is here at last, and I am one happy lady because of it.

Wouldn't it figure that next week the little guy and I are headed back to northern Manitoba - still firmly in the throes of winter - to visit my family? Ah well, goodbye sandals. I shall see you again when I return.


  1. haha. I love this. I hate socks and close toed shoes as well... you are not alone! We don't have nearly the cold winters you do, but I too am ready for spring and enjoy the smell of it ;)

  2. I'm glad Spring is there for you!! It's here for us too. We have no where near the winter ya'll do. It gets cold to us,but I like it. I HATE hotness. Oh it's grueling hot here in the deep south. I want it to stay cool,not cold. Have fun seeing your family!!

  3. Here in Montana we are still dealing with winter and will be for quite some time. How depressing! We'll have one or two days of great spring weather and then suddenly it will turn bitter cold again and dump snow.

    I can't wait for sunny warm days and the smell of grass and flowers!

  4. Yep I'm a lover of all things spring and all things bare toes. Flip flops are my favorite shoes ever. I'm barefoot a lot too.

    All the trees and daffodils are in bloom here. The smell of spring is incredible. (I can't wait to be well enough to enjoy it all.)