Thursday 19 November 2009

Just what I needed

A nice lazy day. The boy and I slept in late, ate breakfast in bed, and were entirely unproductive all day long. After a very busy past couple of weeks, it was much appreciated.

I did make up for it this evening with some laundry, some decluttering and organizing, and the usual nightly dish washing and tidying up of the house.

Before getting up to make us breakfast, the boy and I had one of those lovely slow wake ups, with snuggles and giggles and whispered conversations. It made me a bit sad to think that such mornings may soon come to an end. I've been having more and more moments like that as the birth of our second child nears - a sense of mourning over the changes that will take place in my relationship with my oldest child as I become a mother of two. I am grateful for both children, to be sure, but there is, I suppose, allowance for brief moments of sadness as I consider the permanency of it all, the way things will never again be the same.

Mostly, however, I am eagerly looking forward to meeting this child and excited to discover the joy that he or she will bring to our family. Strange how three weeks sounds so much sooner than four did! At this time next month, I will be holding our child in my arms, getting to know a new little one and watching as my son, rather than losing out on the things he enjoyed as an only child, gains a relationship with a new little brother or sister.


  1. :) It sounds like a good day!

  2. I love slow wake ups with giggles and whispered conversation. As a mother of two I promise you, while at first those moments may seem lost, in time you will find them again. There's something amazing about the 'slow-wake-ups' with two children and listening to them giggle and whisper together, as well as with you :)