Wednesday 16 December 2009


No, no baby yet. He or she is the stubborn sort - or, perhaps, the awfully considerate sort, since his or her daddy has just headed off to write his final two exams of the week. Maybe when he arrives back home early this afternoon, the baby will decide that now everything is finally ready.

I feel very calm today. Yesterday I was discouraged, frustrated, sore, and exhausted. I slept well last night, though, for the first time in nearly a week. Add to that a general "laboury" feeling, and I'm in much better spirits this morning. I do hope that today is the day.

Come out, come out, wherever you are...


  1. Hopefully he/she will make an appearance very soon! Praying for you and your family Cynthia!

  2. Come on baby! :) I pray that very soon you are cuddling your new bundle of joy! Good luck Cynthia!