Friday 12 February 2010

Perfect moments

I love these beautiful boys, and the perfect moments they so often bring into my life.

Like waking up in the morning to find a baby snuggled up on one side of me and a boy curled up on the other...

...reading some beautiful new books to the boys in front of the warm fireplace...

...watching the boy and his Opa crawl around the floor playing with trucks and blocks...

...looking down at the nursing baby to find him watching me...

...or hugging the boy goodnight and having him tell me, "God loves you, Mommy."

These kids are such a joy to raise.


  1. This is a beautiful entry as always. Your boys are so precious.

  2. Beautiful. And so true...I live for those simple moments of joy. The pic of your boys is lovely :)

  3. Aw.."God love you, Mommy." That's one of the most precious things I've ever read. I think I might melt if my child said that to me.

  4. So beautiful! I call moments like these God winks (;