Sunday 14 March 2010

I'm an auntie!

My wonderful sister became a mother early this morning (and I became an aunt!). She is the mother to a beautiful little girl named Addisyn.

Addisyn is a precious gift to my sister. Addisyn's birth mother, being unable to raise Addisyn herself, made the difficult decision to give her child up for adoption. It has been an emotional few months for my sister, and an even more emotional past couple of days, with a large amount of uncertainty as to what the final decision would be. But now Addisyn is here, the birth mother has left the child in my sister's arms, and my sister is preparing for a nerve-wracking 30 day waiting period in which the birth mother can change her mind.

My sister is absolutely in love with her new little girl. She had induced milk production so that she could breastfeed the child, and so far that is going beautifully. I am so proud of the amazing person that she is.

And I'm so excited to be an aunt!


  1. Congrats to you and your sister!

  2. I'm just all smiles. Praise God for His blessings. I'll continue to pray for her. How awesome that she got to stimulate lactation too ! Your sister is quite the woman.

    Congratulations to you all !

  3. WOW. I must be pretty behind on the life of your sister, as this was completely out of the blue for me! Congratulations to her, and let's hope she can make it through the 30 days without going too crazy. (I have a friend who's been trying to adopt for ages now, and has had so much go wrong... it's good to see that it can go right sometimes, too.)