Sunday, 4 April 2010

Best blog hit ever

I received a hit on my blog yesterday that came from the best search term I have ever seen lead here:

"Brutal Death of Our Savior Cookie Recipe"

How that brought someone to my blog, I have no idea. But I laughed forever.

Well, let it be known that we did, indeed, make "Brutal Death of Our Savior" cookies yesterday. If you want the recipe, hop on over to Betty Crocker's website and take a look at the sugar cookie recipe.

There you have it.

A "Brutal Death of Our Saviour" cookie recipe.

We even decorated our Brutal Death of Our Saviour cookies!

Yes, Good Friday is a remembrance of the death of our Savior. And yes, it was a brutal death. But beyond the physical brutality, it was all the worse for its spiritual side - our perfect holy Messiah, taking our sins upon Himself, suffering a moment of having His Father unable to look at Him, pain far worse than what He had endured physically.

But anyone can die. Only Christ has defeated death - He is risen! Our risen Savior is worthy of celebration. We delight in His triumph, in His life, in all that He has made possible for us, sinners though we are. He died for our sins - and then He defeated death, paving the way for us to share with Him in eternal life! We are joyous!

And yes, in our joy, we do things like decorating cookies or hunting for Easter eggs, a symbol for us of new life! If you look only at the brutal death, perhaps it is morbid to decorate Easter/"Brutal Death of our Savior" cookies. But that's not Easter. We decorate "Christ has RISEN" cookies! We laugh and sing and play, our Easter woven throughout with conversations of what Christ has done for us, of what He has accomplished on the cross, of how joyous it is that He is alive!




  1. wow. someone was being morbidly ironic with google. lol

    nice cookies!

  2. Exactly ! This is the kind of true celebration I've been trying to explain to others.

    LOL at the google search. There's some quacks out there, but I'm glad it gave you a good laugh and a blog prompt.


  3. AMEN!

    I have to say that is an amazing search though. I adore your cookies, totally cute!

  4. omgosh... that's is the ODDEST search ever.... I've had some doozies too... but nothing to compare to that one! LOL!!