Tuesday, 22 June 2010


It just occurred to me that I never did post pictures, like I promised, of all the sewing I've been up to! Shame on me.

First up, a dish mat to sit beside my sink. Dirt cheap, this dish mat was made from a thrifted pillowcase and towel.

Next, a set of textured beanbags for the boys. All of these were made from scraps in my MIL's fabric stash, each a different texture, and all were filled with green split peas.

Next up, Easter gifts. For the baby, a pair of cloth shoes (pattern here) made from a dragon fabric I accidently fell in love with on an unrelated trip to the fabric store.

For the boy, a crayon roll (pattern here) made from the same fabric, perfect for taking to church or the restaurant.

Finally, a quilt and matching stuffed birds (pattern here) for my new little niece. The quilt consisted of basic squares with a border. Props to my wonderful husband for helping me when, after hours of playing around with various fabric arrangements, I cried out, "I know you don't care about this sort of silly stuff, but please, please, help me decide which arrangement is best!" Dramatic much? I know. Anyway, he helped me, and all was right with the world. The back is a soft fleece in a coordinating colour. Because the fabric was quite busy on its own, I did a basic "stitch in the ditch" method of quilting. The quilt was finished using the "birthing" method rather than a binding. I was very happy with how it turned out.

I don't seem to have a good picture of the dinosaur pajamas I made for the boy, unfortunately. I plan to make a second pair out of the beloved dragon fabric. Plan - hah. I plan to make a whole host of things! Fabric balls and cubes, a summer top from a thrifted vintage pillowcase, more burp pads and blankets, fabric coasters, a fabric basket - so many options. I have to admit, as much as I love knitting, I love the instant gratification of a sewing project. Things come together so much more quickly when you only have to cut and sew the fabric, rather than create the fabric as you go along.

Anyway, I suppose I should get to it instead of just writing about it!


  1. You are quite good at this! All your creations are fabulous. I wish I knew how to create things as such!

  2. These are all beautiful!

    that dragon fabric is pretty fantastic

  3. Those look great! I really like all of your projects and your dragon fabric! The quilt is beautiful!

  4. I'm sure all the babies love their new toys :o) It's all so beautiful!

  5. So cute! You do great with sewing Cynthia!

  6. I LOVE everything!! You did an amazing job!! I especially love the dragon fabric you used to make the shoes and crayon roll up. I hope to be able to make those eventually. I'm still learning to sew.