Thursday, 9 September 2010

Etsy clothes

I've only been meaning to write this entry for, oh, nine months now. I have such a hard time finding good maternity and nursing clothes, but these two Etsy shops have made such a difference this time around!

I discovered Getti's Accessories during my last pregnancy. I don't know what it is about maternity clothes, but they all seem to want to capitalize on the woman's newfound cleavage. While I might admit to enjoying my suddenly huge, er, "tracts of land", I've no desire to show them off. Thank you, Getti's Accessories! This shop sells three different types of t-lets (square neck, straight neck, and scoop neck) as well as crop tops. The t-lets end under the bust, which is ideal for someone like me who can't stand the feel of wearing two shirts for layering purposes. I have one straight neck and one scoop neck, and these things were perfect for heightening my low maternity shirt necklines.

In addition to the great cleavage cover they provided while pregnant, I have loved them even more in these postpartum nursing days. Worn under a buttoned or low-cut tank, t-shirt, or sweater, these t-lets double as an instant nursing shirt. Unbutton/pull down the shirt, pull up the t-let, and there you go - easy access with full coverage. Love it!

On the bottom half, I love the skirts I purchased from Astraea Apparel last year (a combination birthday splurge and new maternity wardrobe). Sadly, her shop is empty right now, but I'm hoping she'll post some new listings eventually. I have two medium-length skirts, one long skirt, and one wrap skirt from her. All of them were great throughout my pregnancy - the regular skirts had nice waistbands that sat comfortably below my belly, and the wrap skirt of course adjusted to whatever size I needed. They all fit just as wonderfully now, nine months postpartum. Sadly, I splashed bleach all over the bottom of the long skirt shortly after it arrived - one of only two times I've ever needed to use bleach. Figures!

I love Etsy, I love supporting handmade, and I love the products these two shops provide. Any great Etsy shops you've discovered lately?

(Disclaimer: I have not been asked to review these products. I receive no compensation for doing so, nor for any resulting sales. I just really love these clothes.)


  1. These sound like awesome buys! Etsy is a great place to shop :D

  2. I love Etsy. :) Those t-lets are awesome! I may have to buy some of those. Seems like most tops I like are way too low neck. I for one prefer to keep my girls covered. lol

    Hopefully those skirts will be back in stock soon. I'd like to check them out.

  3. Those t-lets look awesome! I love to layer too and these seem so perfect for it!