Wednesday 1 June 2011

Little miracles

The boy has been fascinated with bugs since receiving a set of books from his Oma. He delights in sharing the new facts he's learned and exclaiming over how incredible they are.

"Some ladybugs are orange instead of red! I didn't know that!"

"Did you know that grasshoppers rub their legs against their wings to sing?"

"Butterflies taste with their feet!!! Isn't that silly??"

Yes, darling, it's silly. Just as silly as the last twenty times you told me.

We were playing outside recently when he came up to me and said wistfully, "I wish I could see an orange ladybug. I would really like that. Orange ladybugs are my best ladybugs."

I told him that when I was a little girl, our yard was full of orange ladybugs. Unfortunately, I'd never seen an orange ladybug here.

As I was finishing my sentence, what should happen to catch my eye?

An orange ladybug.

God is good.