Thursday 14 July 2011


My "serious blogging" is seriously backlogged. Attachment Parenting series posts, guest posts, personal growth posts, homeschooling posts, general parenting posts...the drafts are piling up!

So what's an overwhelmed blogger to do?

Ignore it all and post about crafting instead.

My favourite recent sewing project has been these adorable yet practical fabric baskets. I made my first one to send along with a care package to my mother-in-law after she underwent surgery earlier this year. I love the cheerful fabrics and colour combination.

I filled it with a few goodies (including chocolate, of course) and sent it off. I want to make myself one at some point. It would look great on my sewing desk, holding all my random sewing supplies.

But instead of making one for myself, I made two of them for the boys to use as their Easter baskets this year. I lined one with yellow and one with red (not pictured). They use them as toys baskets, doll beds, and general carry-things-around-the-house baskets.

I included some cute little knit gnomes in their Easter baskets. These were quick and fun to make. I used cotton yarn in green (below) and purple (not pictured).

And finally, a project for me. After spending all winter taking off my mitts every time I needed to buckle up a carseat, wipe a nose, or do anything else that required fingers, I came to realize that fingerless gloves are not the nonsensical item I once believed them to be. So I sat down and made myself a pair, just in time for the somewhat-warmer spring weather. Ah well.

The details are on my Ravelry project page, and the Ravelry pattern can be found here.

Currently on the needles, almost finished, is a larger wool diaper cover (the Curly Purly soaker) for the toddler. Just have to add the cuffs and it's good to go.

As for sewing, I have about as many planned projects as I have planned blog posts. And as we all can see, I tend to go with the "avoidance is the best policy" method, so it could be a while before I pull my sewing machine out again.

Want to check out some of those planned projects? Take a look at my sewing board on Pinterest. My desire to organize everything is absolutely in love with this site. I adore all the new inspiration I've been finding there!

Because as we all know, the one thing I need right now is more projects to add to my "must do" list.

What have you been crafting lately?


  1. These bags are so adorable! I also really like your fingerless gloves, super cute!

    I think my current craft is nursing pads :P. Not very exciting but they need to be sewn together badly. They are all cut out...just not put together.

  2. how lovely! I completely agree, in time of blogger's overwhelm it's great to be creative in another way. Thanks for sharing your great photos!

  3. oh the bag is wonderful!!! that goes on my list immediately!

  4. I love those baskets!!!! Is there a pattern you used? I'd love to make some!!