Wednesday 7 December 2011

Keeping Christ in Christmas

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"Keep Christ in Christmas!"

"What is Christmas without Christ?"

"Don't let them take Christ out of Christmas!"

...And so begins the Christmas season.

Instead of fighting to keep Christ in Christmas, be Christ this Christmas.

Instead of complaining, be His hands and feet here on earth.

Instead of condemning, let His love shine through you, bringing glory to Him.

Let go of your righteous indignation and do, be. Volunteer, donate, serve, give, love. Christ is not Someone to lobby for, He is Someone to live for, Someone to live as!

Is this not a season of joy? Then be joyful! Is this not a season of love? Then be loving!

If you want Christmas to be about Christ, then be as Christ.

Here. Now. Today and every day.


  1. The whole "keep Christ in Christmas" thing has always bugged me, and I think you've pegged it; we can get so full of indignation that we forget (or worse, ignore) our call to become more and more like Him. It's not about what Christmas is called -- it's about what Christmas is FOR.

    Thanks for this!

  2. LOVE it!! Let’s stop arguing semantics and start living out our beliefs! :) Happy Holidays!

  3. I really need to comment more often, because I love your blog. I especially love this post. <3<3<3

  4. I agree 100%! Love your blog! I will be following it. Thanks

  5. THANK YOU!!!! I am so sick of people complaining about Christmas. This is a beautiful season and if you want to enjoy it then stop complaining and make those changes!

  6. How timely that I stumbled across this today. Sam and I were just talking about the same thing. When we were kids, we thought the new (then) phrase "Jesus is the reason for the season!" was directed at us. As in, "Don't be so focused on toys and what you'll get; spare a thought for the Person who made Christmas possible!" But now it all seems to be outwardly focused in some sort of persecution complex, as if we're trying to compel other people into observing Christmas the way we want to ourselves. But it should be enough to observe it mindfully in our families and show our beliefs in that spirit.