Friday 10 February 2012

We're going on a treasure hunt!

After breakfast was finished this morning, I prompted the boy to look underneath the pile of placemats on our kitchen table. Grinning in anticipation, he ran over and looked under each one individually until he got to the bottom of the pile, where he found...

the first clue!

And so began our treasure hunt. I'd hidden the clues (below) and "treasure" (a sweet treat!) before going to bed last night, so all I had to do today was sit on the couch and read each clue as they brought it to me. A nice quiet way for me to start the day; a fun active way for them to run around the house and blow off some too-many-rainy-days energy!

The boy had a great time trying to figure out where each clue was hidden. The toddler chased after him for the first half, then lost interest and played with his Duplo until he could have his older brother's undivided attention again. Ah, big brother adoration. So sweet.

As soon as all of the clues were followed and the treasure found, the boy wanted me to hide each of the clues again. Definitely a successful activity!

These are the clues we used. Feel free to use, modify, or share them for your own treasure hunts!

It's a Treasure Hunt!
Follow the clues to find the treasure!

Clue #1:
I have four legs.
I am strong enough to hold a person,
but you can also use me to make a fort.
Your next clue is taped to my bottom!

Clue #2:
You'll find me in the place where these live:

Clue #3:
Brr! It was cold in there!
Your next clue is staying cozy above something very warm!

Clue #4:
I'm hiding in the pocket of something that rhymes with this:

Clue #5:
When you're feeling a little dirty
there's just one place to go
to wash and get all squeaky clean
and scrub between each toe!

Clue #6:
Getting tired of all these clues?
Come have a nap with me!

Clue #7:
Go stand in front of the fireplace!
Now take two GIANT steps forward.
Turn to your left.
Walk until you crash into something!
Now come have a ball with me!

[The clue was hidden in the pile of balls we store under our ExerSaucer.]

Clue #8:
Read this word:
Now go look below its:
and you'll find me!

Clue #9:
Have wet clothes?
Come visit me!
I'll dry them for you
as quick as can be!

Clue #10:
Stand on one foot and jump up and down.
Now find a boat, look inside, and your treasure will be found!

Happy playing!


  1. awesome idea!!! LOVE it and am inspired to do one right now for my feeling unwell 6 yr old who needs some cheering up!! Thank you :)

  2. LOL...such fun...have also used clues written in 'mirror writing'so can only be read in mirror...tricky but fun!

  3. So cute! A friend of mine does this for Easter for each of her kids individually.

  4. I love this! :) Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Using for my nephews 8th b-day this Sun day...yay