Sunday 11 March 2012

More Weekend Reading


  1. Thank you for the link. I really appreciate. I always enjoy your weekend reading; my favorite today was John Armstrong's response to Piper. Specifically:
    "What I believe Dr. Piper misses in his zeal for divine sovereignty, and in his excessive preoccupation with putting God at the center of storms and lightning strikes, is divine mystery. As Arnobius said, 'We must answer that we do not know these things.' "

    I wish I knew the answers to this kind of pain, but I don't. And I don't know that I'm supposed to....

  2. I am curious what your thoughts on modesty are? (Not being judgemental, just wanting your thoughts)

    1. That's such a big question - definitely a post in its own! To put it incredibly briefly and simplistically, however, my view of modesty is that it is primarily an internal attitude, a humbleness that goes so much deeper than the superficial level too many in the church hold to. I believe that the focus on clothing - sleeve length, skirt length, neckline, and so on - rather than the heart is a shameful distortion and reduction of that deeper, internal modesty. Although it is difficult to put into words, this woman's experience really unearths this (perhaps subtle) nuance. Pardon the brevity, but I hope that helps.