Tuesday 31 July 2012

What I Am Into - July 2012

Today I am joining Megan at SortaCrunchy in sharing What I've Been Into this past month.

What I Am Into :: JULY 2012

On My Nightstand:

I'm still working my way through O. M. Bakke's When Children Became People: The Birth of Childhood in Early Christianity. It's been a highly interesting read so far. I'm also well into Your Amazing Newborn by Marshall Klaus, in mental preparation for having a newborn again (just a couple of weeks to go!). It's a lovely book, very sweet but also quite interesting.

I'm slowly paging my way through Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, lent to me with high recommendations by my mother-in-law. I may or may not finish it. My husband and I are re-reading The Golden Compass trilogy by Philip Pullman together, but it's going slowly as well.

Want to Read:

Still on the next-up list is Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N. T. Wright. I'm really looking forward to it but I haven't the mental presence to get into it right now. I'll knock a book or two of my currently-reading list first, and then, you know, have a baby and whatever.

T.V. Show Worth Watching:

I gave in. I just had to see what all the hype was about, plus I hate not being in on geek jokes. Yes, we've finally started watching Doctor Who. We're partway through Season 2 and both of us are hooked. In fact, I'm rushing through this entry right now in hopes of having time to slip in another episode before bed. Moving on!

Movies I've Seen:

We did get to see The Avengers in theater after all, which was very exciting. My lovely sister-in-law hung out with the boys while the husband and I went to the movie. On our way home, we found out that SIL has the magic touch and had actually managed to get both kids not only in bed, but asleep already. Date night continued! We went to Starbucks and talked over a game of Ticket to Ride on my phone. I can't remember who won but it was a very enjoyable evening. Oh yes, and the movie was very good as well.

In My Kitchen:

The Yummy Life's zucchini brownies were amazing. Perfect for a recent gathering in our home, and the few remaining have been quickly and quietly disappearing by she-who-shall-not-be-named. Okay, fine, it's me. Whatever. They're delicious.

Other than that, meals have been pretty basic around here. I bought the husband a portable grill for his birthday, and sadly I have no idea how it works. Very very sad. We've been having a lot of grilled steak, sausages, and hamburgers since then. Love the easy clean-up and the fact that I don't have to cook more than a side, if that, on those nights. Hmm. I'm beginning to think this grill was actually a present to myself. We'll just keep that between you and me, m'kay? Our little secret.

I've also started stocking the freezer with more meals for post-baby. Tonight's productivity included five cups of shredded chicken to use for stir-fries, chicken pizza, quesadillas, and so on. I've put away lots of chocolate chip cookies. Next up is a huge batch of turkey pot pie filling (my favourite) and some muffins.

In My Ears:

I have finally found a CD of hymns that I enjoy. I love hymns but most musicians seem to feel the need to do terrible, horrible things to them. I don't know why this is. Why must they mess with the tempo, rhythm, and often even the tune? It is Well with my Soul, for example, is not an upbeat, happy song; it was written in the face of unimaginable tragedy. Don't force it into something upbeat and cheerful; it's not. It's faith and quiet peace in the midst of deepest pain. Let it speak to that.

Anyway. As I was saying, I've finally found a CD of hymns that hasn't been ruined with awful melodies, tempos, and rhythms, nor has sunshine and rainbows been forced on every song. Selah's Greatest Hymns CD has been a beautiful addition to our days. Thank you, Selah, for respecting the hymns' musical integrity. It is much appreciated in our home.

Pinterest Finds:

Here's what I'm loving on Pinterest lately:

I must make these. Simply must.

And this. What a perfect fall meal. It looks amazing.

I have a box ready and waiting for this next rainy-day activity with the boys.

What I'm Looking Forward to in August:

Does it even need to be said? Just two more weeks until this tiny one is due!

Before then, however, we have an unusually busy schedule. The boy starts his very first summer camp next week (art and music). The weekend before the baby is due, we have a party Friday (housewarming), Saturday (birthday), and Sunday (farewell). We have four Bible studies or church gatherings, three midwife appointments, and two planned playdates/outings (and a partridge in a pear tree). Not to mention the pre-baby to-do list I have to finish up! The distractions will be welcome, however, and we're looking forward to all of it while also eagerly (and sometimes nervously!) awaiting the arrival of our third child.

Well, friends, that is What I've Been Into this past month. What about you?


  1. Oh, I must look at that book. My family is listening on audiobook to Michael Murtago's 'invention of Childhood' It is fascinating. We have just been to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, and are catching the night train back to Beijing tonight. We've also been watching a very Chinese version of the Olympics. And we are enjoying our baby, who is now running.

  2. Those chocolate things look super yum!