Friday, 28 September 2012

Weekend Reading

Sneaking into Worship @ Adorate
They’ve grown up being urged, “Now, everyone can just worship God however you might want. Just let the Holy Spirit move you. We are all different.” So now some are seeking worship where the implied advice is, “Now, everyone leave your hyper-individuality at the door. Let’s say words together. Let’s make gestures together. Stand together. Kneel together. Let’s listen to the wisdom the Holy Spirit has given over the centuries."

Why I’m Not A Dream Chaser @ Jumping Tandem
As stewards of the dreams of God, you and I get to lean in close to Him and hold on tight for a crazy ride. He never takes the path we’d take. He never uses the resources we’d choose. He never gets it done in the timeframe we’d prefer. But it’s His dream, not ours.

God doesn’t dream in American. God dreams in love and grace and mercy and hope. God has wired each of us in a unique way, and He invites us to help Him make His dreams come true. It’s not about chasing a dream. It’s about chasing after the Giver of Dreams, dreams that will change the world (but not necessarily our bank accounts, or our status, or our blog traffic), because His love for us — all of us — is extravagant like that.

In which she’s thinking about it @ Sarah Bessey
She cried and said, But, Mum, I’m thinking about it! I’m thinking about how much I love them, everyone, all the time! I think it! I just don’t know how to do it right.

I ran my finger across her eyelashes, holding her tears for her, and said, gently, gently, Sweetheart, sometimes thinking about it isn’t quite enough for us, is it? And right now, you need to start loving them in a way that they will understand and see and feel. Love with your life, with your hands, with what you do, with your words, okay?

I Refuse to Spoil You, Daughter @ Nurshable
There is too much talk about spoiling children and too little talk about preserving the qualities that they are born with. I believe strongly that they are one and the same. I can spoil you by ignoring the things that need to be paid attention to just as easily as I can spoil you by burying you in toys and candy. And I can spoil you more easily by denying you trust and love when you need it than I ever could by being there for you when you need those things.

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