Monday, 5 November 2012

Breathing it in

I skipped summer this year.

Too pregnant, too sore, too tired, and then a new baby, that tiny precious girl who so utterly captivated me. It was good but somehow summer slipped quietly by in the background.

Now it's fall and I'm getting my bearings again. Has it been eleven weeks already? But it's a beautiful fall. The Japanese Maple has burst into bright red outside our door and the grass is carpeted in its jeweled leaves. The air is so very perfect, crisp and cool and pure delight to breathe in.

We spent two hours at the park this afternoon and it felt good. It feels good to walk.

It feels good to leave behind the not so loud's and not so fast's and just let them run, wild boys out there in the open.

It feels good to leave behind the computer, the heaviness of watching too much anger and criticism fly back and forth and would we ever say these things in person, do we forget the reality of people on the other side of those screens? If only we could all sit down together, have tea in pretty cups, see eyes and hear hearts and maybe then it would be different, I'm almost certain.

It feels good to leave behind the long list of Things That Must Be Done. Catching up in one area inevitably means falling behind in another. It is blessing, all of it, this home and its demands, acts of worship all of them, but some days it all begins to feel like burden instead of blessing.

So I go out and I forget, forget unswept floors and harsh written words and too much noise. Everything feels lighter out there. I miss the warmth of summer sunshine and the dense bright green everywhere, but I embrace instead the smell of fall and the impossibly colourful mosaic of leaves under my feet and I declare along with the Creator that it is indeed good, praise Him always.

We return home chilled, warm up with mugs of hot chocolate and if we're lucky we top it off with a handful of marshmallows.

We may have missed summer this year, but we're breathing in every moment of this beautiful fall.

Just writing along with The EO...


  1. <3 this post! I can relate so well to so many of these sentiments. I hope you have a lovely is so chilly here today that I almost think I hear winter's whisper..

  2. Hi, I just thought the same of having missed summer somehow due to our baby girl (what a blessing), but enjoying the fall.

    You write so nicely.

  3. I'm joining from Just Write today, and this made my heart breathe out a yessssss. Yes, yes, yes. I resonated with so much of what you wrote here, even wrote something similar on my post today. Such beauty and peace is in these moments - and for me, they almost always happen outdoors, leaving lots of things behind. Thank you.

  4. Love it! My son and I were out in the leaves today too, foot to nature, mind to sky.

  5. I just found your blog. What a beautiful picture you painted! My summer slipped away too, avoiding the heat wave with my infant was nice too. Now our grass is frosted and we're enjoying the last of the fall before the real cold sets in. I look forward to reading more.