Sunday 13 January 2013

Weekend Reading

A Lullaby for His Babies @ A Deeper Story
Christians talk a lot about being born again. Sometimes, I think an important truth is overlooked in that. We are born again as His babies. In all the times when we feel helpless to even communicate, He hears the deepest cries of our hearts. He sings for joy over us. Not resignation, or impatience or disappointment, but a lullaby of tender, heart-bursting delight. He holds us in His arms, rocks us and comforts us. He wipes away our tears, draws us close and whispers to us who we really are. He names us.

Sometimes we make obedience too hard. We listen to the hissing of the Accuser instead of the Song, and confuse obeying God with a checklist, or unspoken threats of punishment. Yes, there is that daily taking up of the Cross. But more than anything, the heart of obedience is listening to His love songs, to the Truth that He speaks over us. Letting the everlasting arms hold us close to Him. We are His babies. When we hear and understand that, the obedience grows from there. It is the harmony to His song over us. He isn’t sighing in disapproval. All of the love, delight and tenderness we have for our own kidlets is just an echo of His lullaby for His babies.

When Children Get Stuck @ Real Child Development
I thought for a second and then just stated what I was perceiving.

“It’s like your stuck, Jude. You’re just stuck on this shirt. And if you can get past it, if you can get past this shirt, a whole world of opportunities will open for you. Opportunities for play, for fun, for joy.”

Advocate or Adversary: Your view of God Determines your Parenting Philosophy @ I Take Joy
However, I believe that the more a person truly understands the character of God and His mercy and love and patience and servant’s heart as a parent toward his children, then one must adopt the role of an advocate towards their children as God is our advocate.

How very grateful I am for the grace and patience of God as He leads me, his child. He is so committed to my own holiness and sanctification, but so wise and patient with me as I make progress. I am grateful He sees my heart. I try so hard, I fail so miserably and so often. Yet, He does not embarrass me or demean me, He simply walks this road with me, by my side, drawing me to His ways, coaching me to walk in His truth, teaching me to obey one day at a time.

Dear Pastor Mark: Pontificate This @ Rage Against the Minivan
Not all of us have the daddy issues or broken background that makes your brand of leadership attractive. Some of us don’t find shame to be a spiritual motivator. A whole bunch of us think that you are misrepresenting Christ. And we’re talking about it, because we think it’s damaging. We think it’s spiritual abuse.

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