Saturday, 29 June 2013

Weekend Reading {vol. 100}

Come As A Child @ Internet Monk
When I visit [my grandson], he takes the reins as soon as I arrive and sends us galloping off in the direction of his choice. Whether it’s “Read this!” or “Play outside!” it’s clear from the get-go who’s in charge. His mommy often reminds him that it’s not nice to order Grandmere about. While Silas certainly is bossy at times, I’ve noticed something else driving his entreaties of, “Grandmere! Stand with me! Sit with me! Run with me!”

Did you catch that? “With me.” As I study the beaming smile and the gleam in his eyes, I see...delight. He is having great fun, and he wants me to join in. Though Silas is years away from being able to put it into words, he already understands that the best of life’s moments are those shared with a loved one. The joy of shared experience bubbles over and spills onto everyone around it. And that reminds me of God.

The Still, Small Voice @ A Deeper Family
It wasn’t until everyone had caught their breath, including Elena, that my doctor explained what had happened. When I started to push and my water broke, they saw that she had a prolapsed cord. Normally, that results in an emergency c-section, but there wasn’t time. Thankfully, her heart rate never decelerated, and her Apgars were fine. I asked him what would have happened if I had had an epidural and Pitocin like in my previous births. He looked at me steadily and replied that she would have died, or at best have had severe brain damage. Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit had likely saved my daughter’s life.

Today we are celebrating her fifth birthday, but I still feel as though I’m the one who received the gift. We are much stronger than we know, and a still, small voice is more powerful than any roar of doubt.

10 Great Ways to Be An Unhappy Mom @ Mothering
1. Believe that you must have it all now. This one is running rampant through our culture, creating discontent within every demographic. Because we are suddenly aware of the existence of millions of products, experiences and ways to “improve” upon our lives, because millions of dollars are spent annually to creatively convince us that we need that which we’re suddenly aware of AND because instant gratification is now assumed and expected, it’s easy to see how we’ve become totally caught up in this defeating mentality. It is equally present within the mainstay of motherhood. We are taught that we can have careers, babies, balance within our homes, bigger homes, more time with our spouses, more organized closets, physical fitness, money in savings and vacations to counter the chaos (to name a few) ALL AT ONCE. Then, in an attempt to manage impossible loads (or ease our guilt for having failed to do so), we consume — because according to the ones spending the millions, that will solve the problem. Guess who wins in this vicious cycle?

Taking back Eden @ Jamie the Very Worst Missionary
Shame is a byproduct of a dying world. It's a shackle that binds us to our brokenness. It is Shame who first points a finger and cries out, “Look at you! You're NAKED!”, and tells you to run and hide. Shame warns you to cover up, hide your junk, don't get caught. Shame clothed us in fig leaves and nestled us in the bushes; shame led the way right out of Eden, and still it barricades the door.

If you believe shame is the pathway to obedience, I'm sorry, but your gospel is twisted. Shame is no friend of Jesus.

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