Friday 5 July 2013

List maker

The boy has inherited my love for lists, as evidenced by his now-nightly habit of drawing up a to-do list for the following day. The lists make for such an interesting peek into his brain. Reading them has become one of my favourite parts of the evening.

He begins by asking me if I have any plans or things that need to be done, and those things are written down first. Crafts are featured on every list, without fail. Our current read-aloud, The Boxcar Children, is usually included, as well as various other activities as he sees fit. The edges are decorated with birds and people and race cars, because why not?

Today's list, shared with his permission, explanations in italics:

meat pizza-
(we need to pick up chicken and prepare a pizza crust for our Friday night pizza and a movie)
crafs (crafts)
oragame (origami is one of his current passions)
tooth past (the kids are running out of tooth paste and the boy is very worried about this)
(this made me laugh so hard; I'm going to add it to every list I ever make from this day forward)
tran tracks
(movie; all the extra o's are a cow joke)
nock nock (oh boy, a knock-knock joke!)
who's their (apparently it's time to review their/there/they're, because I WILL NOT raise a child who uses those words incorrectly)
pizza who
pizza man

One of my favourite lists, also shared with permission:

box car childrin
go houm
(go home after getting milk)
send a letr to robee (his friend)
doo crafs
go to sleep
dont be bad so i can reed books and have moosic
(oh, the laughter upon seeing this on his to-do list; our little night owl is usually allowed to read books and listen to music after his little brother falls asleep, but if he's had a difficult day or been disruptive while his brother tries to fall asleep, then he needs to go right to bed in hopes of getting a bit of extra sleep)
end (almost every list of his ends this way; I love it)

Take-away lesson for the day? Always add "fun" to your to-do list.



  1. This is wonderful!! Thanks for the smiles!

  2. love! I think I may need to start adding jokes to the end of my lists.