Tuesday 12 November 2013

The spider that fought back

We live in a basement suite and spiders are simply an ever-present fact of life here. They hide in corners and under blankets and inside every roll of wrapping paper I ever go to use. I've come to terms with them; sometimes I even let them live out their quiet lives in whatever corner they've made their home.

A few weeks ago, however, I nearly turned the whole house over to a spider.

I was quite innocently vacuuming my bedroom when I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced that way, didn't see anything, and continued to vacuum in what I thought was blissful safety.

Then. THEN. The biggest spider I have ever seen (tarantulas aside) runs out from underneath my dresser, smacks my vacuum cleaner with its leg, and runs back to safety.


I sent my husband a text.

(The ceiling comment was because we were having some repairs done to leaky pipes above our bathroom.)

I then told him the rest of the story, so that he would know that I wasn't at all kidding about having to move.

The brave husband came home that evening and shone a flashlight under the dresser. He didn't see any sign of a monster spider, so I reluctantly agreed that we could go to sleep in our bedroom that night. Weeks went by and I didn't see leg nor huge hide of him, so I told myself the vacuum must have been the victor in that particular sparring match.

Yeah. Turns out not so much.

I rediscovered the monster spider a few days ago when another (smaller, spindly, not even a little bit terrifying) spider walked by the dresser, and monster spider ran out and chased him off. I mean...just...wow. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Well, this morning I stepped into the bedroom and saw monster spider lurking just outside his home. I grabbed my phone because this just needs to be documented and shared with the world. That's right, I risked life and limb just to get this photo of the spider that lives under my dresser. I only wish it could better convey the sheer size and utter terror of this beast, but alas, 'twas only a cellphone camera and low light and a short opportunity before he retreated.

And now you know why we're moving on Saturday.*

* Okay, fine, so we're not actually moving because of the spider. But we really are moving on Saturday, so wish us luck - and, also, a spider-free new home.


  1. Wow. My cats would make him their next play toy. My husband says they are sadistic when playing/proceeding to consume the spiders.

  2. I saw a spider this summer at the cabin we were staying at that legitimately made me want to pack up and flee far, far away. It had hair that I could see with my eyeballs… hair = big mo spider = I am traumatized. Good luck moving, I pray the new digs are spider free!!

  3. Sounds like a "Giant House Spider. (Yes, I know. You can Google it.) They're not unheard of in your region - I think they originally landed in Port of Seattle, and have been spreading from there ever since.

    They're not supposed to be dangerous unless backed into a corner, and they're actually beneficial for the reason you saw: they chase off other, more poisonous spiders. I wouldn't want to find one in bed with me, but as far as giant spiders go, you're probably rooming with the best.

    Good luck with the new home!

    1. That's good to know! I Googled it and it does indeed look like that. Thanks!

  4. It looks like the Hobo Spiders in my home. They are like mini tarantulas and their bites are not fatal, but do a lot of damage. Yuck!