Saturday 8 March 2014

Weekend Reading {vol. 108}

In a Year Where Things Just Fall Apart @ Kendra Fletcher
What's a family to do?

These are stories of the fall, but they began with creation, took a nosedive into what seems like depression, and now we wait and watch for redemption and reconciliation. Those last two will come. That's the meta-narrative -- the grand story -- of Scripture, and we can see it in our own small stories as well. Creation, fall, redemption, reconciliation.

Won't you wait and watch with us? We're looking for Jesus in the midst of the rubble. He's shown up at every turn, or rather I should say that we've shown up where He is already dwelling. Redemption. Reconciliation. That's my Jesus, and He will redeem the year that fell apart.

The HSLDA And The Cost Of Fear @ The Incorrigible Gingers
This is a lie, and a harmful one designed to cause fear to conservative Christians. The Romeikes have never been persecuted for their faith. They--understandably--do not like the education laws of their home nation, but they have never been persecuted. US immigration law would have to be massively reformed if any family that disliked the education legislation in their own country were granted asylum. The Romeikes chose to move to the United States knowing that they may not be able to stay long-term, when they could have legally moved to many other countries in the European Union that allow homeschooling.

It always saddens me to see organizations run by outspoken Christians caught in untruths. It casts a bad light on prominent Christian organizations, and on Christ-followers in general. I believe, due to this case and others, that the HSLDA wants to make Christians, homeschoolers, and primarily Christian homeschoolers fearful. Why? Because the HSLDA profits from fear.

Our biggest dreams as women...are to be smaller @ Hobo Mama
As the ad continues: "Remember when you thought anything was possible? It still is."

Yes, as the smiling grown-up ladies swinging on rope swings, tootling on basketed bikes, and bouncing on trampolines assure us...anything is possible to us now as adults.

Assuming that the only thing we want now is to lose weight.

Bill Gothard: His Umbrella of Protection Teaching Provides an Umbrage for Perverted Behavior @ Istoria Ministries
I would propose to you that any Christian who constantly vocalizes his "authority" over you and demands your submission to him for "your umbrella of protection," is actually a man who casts a large shadow in terms of his own perverted and immoral behavior. In other words, he who is most concerned that another person "obey" and "submit" to his authority is actually showing indicators of personal moral failure.

Jesus said that the Gentiles give people 'positions of power and authority,' titles of honor and respect, and demand that people obey them. Then Jesus says something quite stunning - "It shall not be this way among My disciples" (Matthew 20:26). The conclusion one can make from this direct statement of Jesus is that any professing Christian who demands submission to his authority is actually acting contrary to the nature of a true follower of Jesus Christ and is actually casting an umbrage (shadow or covering) for his own perverted behavior.

Emphasizing beauty in your homeschool @ Simple Homeschool
I continue to fill my home with beauty as much as I can and to remind my kids to really hunt for it themselves, so that they can be encouraged.

I focus on the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) when “beautifying” our home and educational environment. Each is important and offers its own gifts.

Choosing to focus on beauty in the home need not be expensive or one-size-fits-all. Even emphasizing beauty through one sense per week can be beneficial.


  1. Thanks for sharing that HLSDA article. I kept seeing it pop up in my newsfeed from friends "siding" with HLSDA and just couldn't muster the energy to argue with all of them, but the whole propaganda infuriates me

    1. Same here, Nicole. Sometimes I just don't have the mental energy (not to mention the time) to "go there", so I appreciate those who can and do write about it.