Saturday, 26 April 2008

I feel loved

Spring? What spring? It went straight from winter to summer here in about a week. I'm not complaining! The boy and I have been going for long walks and playing in the park - well, to be more accurate, we've been sitting in the park. My beautiful little non-walker has issues with touching both the grass and the sand which he has yet to get over. I guess I should count my blessings - in time I'm sure I'll wish he would stay in one spot for even a few seconds!

Anyway, this warm weather has finally brought the return of yet another wonderful summer event - the organic farmers' market.

Granted, ours is a year-round market, but unfortunately I've been car-less this winter (my husband takes our car to work on Saturdays) and just couldn't convince myself to make the cold trip by bus. So I slightly shame-facedly started shopping at our local grocery store again, still buying organic and avoiding processed foods whenever possible.

Did our grocery bill ever jump! Apparently I am an impulse shopper and am not safe anywhere that offers more than the farmers' market does. What's that, lemon meringue pie? Why, don't mind if I do! Brownies? Toss 'em in! Sugar-filled juices and iced tea? Heck yes!

Well, today I decided that it's warm now, I have no excuse not to take the bus to the farmer's market each Saturday. I kinda-sorta-justalittlebit hoped it would rain, but alas, it's another beautiful day.

After making a mad dash to the ATM to pick up cash, we caught the first bus, my son cuddled on my front in a mei tai and my denim bag loaded with plastic bags. We got off one stop too late, ending up on the wrong side of the road...and missed our transfer by a few incredibly irritating seconds.


We walked part of the way, then sat at a bus stop and waited so as not to miss the next bus too. Finally we made it to the nearest intersection and walked the rest of the way, stopping on a patch of gorgeously green grass to move the boy from my front to my back.

First stop, the fish the lady. She remembered us! She commented on how big the boy is now, then sold us our usual salmon. We worked our way through the market - raw crackers for munching, sprouts for wraps and fake sushi, kale for green smoothies, apples, potatoes, and soup - then went to get the rest of the meat (yes, we're still very happy meat-eaters, and my husband just reminded me the other day that he fully intends to stay that way).

The beef man and lady remembered us! We picked up a few different cuts of beef along with the obligatory whole wheat cinnamon bun.

The chicken man remembered us! We picked up chicken breast and pork chops.

I felt so loved.

And I forgot what a great atmosphere the farmers' market is! Everyone offering to help you with this or with that, grinning at your kid instead of giving you a weird look for wearing him, smiling and talking cheerfully - and all sorts of guilt-free deliciousness just waiting to be snatched up!

After downing a glass of delicious green juice, we headed back to wait for the bus. All in all, a very successful trip and for about half the price we'd been spending at the grocery store all winter. Going by bus turned out to be no problem at all - looks like we'll be resuming our weekly trip to the farmers' market. Ah, summer. How I love thee.


  1. this reminds me I need to make it down to the farmers market down the road on Saturdays now that they're open - - I think this was actually opening weekend. I like my CSA box - but I think I'm going to want a little more freedom and variety.

  2. Gosh reading posts like this makes me want to move somewhere else. We have nothing like that in the area I live in. There's several little fruit stands around, but none offer organic foods or meats. Most of them don't even know where their food comes from when you ask them. I won't buy something from a stand if they can't tell me where the stuff was grown.

    Anywho....I'm glad you had a great day out with Jacob.

  3. This reminds me of Earth Fare, or the Food Co-Op in my hometown. I'd love to have places like this to shop around where I am sounds like such a nice day...

  4. Hi Hippie Housewife, I just found your blog through comments you left on mine. I monitor my comments due to someone once posting a virus link... so I saw yours and posted them - and then had to scroll through months of posts to see which ones you had commented on. LOL There must be an easiser way to do that!

    Anywho... I hope you'll write more. I like your blog! We also love our local farmer's market - maybe you saw that post too.

    Blessings ~ Rebecca

  5. RYC: Yes I do take requests. Let me know what you'd like and I'll see if I can make it for you. I'd love the opportunity.