Saturday 19 April 2008

Not a good day for soup

I found the most delicious soup recently.

I randomly noticed Baxters soups at a trip to our grocery store. The butternut squash and red pepper soup jumped out at me and quickly made its way into the cart. It just looked so good - and, to top it off, I actually recognized all of the ingredients in the ingredient list. No garbage, just food.

Well, the boy and I shared this delicious soup for lunch one day and had to grab another can next time we were out. This time we tried the winter squash and carrot soup.

I was all set to eat it for lunch the next day. I opened the can. I tried to get the lid out. And then I tried some more. And some more.


The lid finally came out.

Along with half the can of soup.

Head to toe, I was covered in orange winter squash and carrot soup. The kitchen looked as though a pumpkin had exploded. The stove was covered. The floor was covered. By some miracle, though, the little man crouching on the floor beside me was completely soup-free. I was glad he was the only witness to my new orange wardrobe.

But there was still half a can of this delicious veggie goodness, so into the pot it went while I cleaned up myself and the kitchen. When it was ready, I plunked the little man into his highchair and greedily sat down to enjoy what was left, along with some toast. It was as delicious as the first can was.

Ah, and if only that could be the end of the story. But no, there's more. As I went to brush the toast crumbs into the empty bowl, my sweet darling perfect innocent little son kicked the bowl right out of my hands. Sadly, the bowl did not survive the fall.

Le sigh.

As I cleaned up the second big mess of the night, I had to ask myself: As delicious as that soup was, was it really worth all this trouble??

(Oh, who am I kidding. You know I'll be tossing another can into my cart next time I'm out.)


  1. LOL Not a good day for soup indeed!

  2. LOL. sounds like me in the kitchen - I'm a horribly messy cook.

  3. oh no! but boy, that soup sounds great!