Friday, 10 October 2008

I fail at housekeeping

This evening I pulled out all our furniture and swept underneath.

I found a potato under our sofa.

(But in my defence, I have a toddler who loves to pull the potatoes out of the pantry and play with them.)


  1. one time we found a potato in the glove box of our car - a leftover from my mom who doesn't want to waste anything (smile)...seriously i believe she had intended to put it up once we had gotten home to eat later, though it probably wouldn't have been done. by the way...i also fail at housework and do not have a toddler in the home...

  2. Don't feel too bad! I found a moldy apricot under my son's bed this summer. He loves to eat fruit and will sometimes carry it around the house and leave it in odd places without my knowlege or consent! There's only so much we can do. :0)