Monday, 6 October 2008

Quirky boy

I know that every mama thinks their babies are amazing...but boy, do I ever think my son is amazing.

He's also really funny. I remember that being the very first thing that surprised me about him. Things were going along as expected - a bit of crying, a lot of nursing, pretty regular sleeping, diapers to change, cute little coos and heart-melting smiles - and then out of nowhere, my boy was funny! Caught me completely off guard!

At first it was just him laughing when we did silly things (how did he know we were being silly??), but it quickly progressed to him trying to make us laugh. I don't think I've stopped laughing since.

But then, well, then there are the times we're perhaps laughing at him instead of with him.

Like with his nose. He can point correctly to most of his body parts when prompted, but when you ask him where his nose is, he invariably points to his toes. It doesn't matter how many times we correct him or stress the different starting sounds or point to our own nose while prompting - nope, his nose is on his toes.

But hey, at least he has rhyming down.

He still has this thing about clothes, too. Only now he's combined it with his thing about cars. He'll go through his drawer, pull out all the shirts that have cars or trucks on, and bring them to one of us to put on him.

All of them. At the same time.

We usually set the limit at around three.

Then he'll proudly walk around showing us his truck shirt...and his other truck shirt...and his other truck shirt. Oh, and look at the cars on my pants, Mom!

Silly boy.

He's started getting into stacking blocks lately, instead of just knocking down the towers I build. Which is very exciting for me, because now I get to build my awesome kick-butt towers (which always have to be perfectly symmetrical, because I'm anal like that) and not have him knock them down only a few blocks in.

What? I can play with my son's blocks if I want to!

Anyway, so now he builds these gravity-defying towers...and then (what else?) pushes them around pretending they're cars. He's got his cute little "car sounds" and everything.

He's also into lining things up lately. Last week I found him lining up his diapers along the windowsill. Yesterday he was spreading them out like some crazy diaper-quilt on the floor. I'm always hunting for diapers nowadays - I guess it's time to look into some playsilks for him instead.

Imitation is pretty big around here too. He thinks it's hilarious to put the pillow over his head, the way Daddy does in the morning when he doesn't want to get up yet. Or, after watching us play DDR, he runs onto the dance mat, does this crazy on-the-spot dance, and runs back off giggling maniacally.

Speaking of his maniac giggle (honestly, he sounds like the perfect villain with his evil little laugh), he did this very loudly in the grocery store today after I handed him a banana. I love that my kid freaks out over bananas instead of junk food. Oh, but even bananas have paled in comparison with his new love - frozen blueberries.

You'd think they were crack the way this kid's addicted.

The first time he had them, I'd brought them out to mix in with our oatmeal. He had perfectly good fresh blueberries on his tray, which he had been happily eating up to this point. Then he wants one of these new things I've brought out, so I tell him he's weird and hand him a frozen blueberry.

Oh my. Things got a little scary after that. In the "give me those frozen blueberries or die!!!" sort of way.

We won't talk about the diapers that followed that episode.

Anyway, from the sounds of all this...I may perhaps spend too much time laughing at my kid's insanity. Maybe it's a good thing he won't remember any of this.


  1. LOL

    I just want to come hang out with ya'll for a day or two

  2. LOL!! This was so fun to read. He sounds like an amazing little boy. So cute! I'd love to be there to watch his cute little ways. ;) This makes me very excited about having my own little boy.

  3. lol He sounds like such a fun little boy! It'll be fun when Daniel is that age~ :)

  4. i read a cute idea for blueberry stamps - use assorted size small corks and make a little x in it (like with a craft blade) and stamp away...and you can cut a cork in half and stamp with green for a "leaf" on the blueberry. the idea actually was using it with fabric stamp pads and putting them on clothes, shoes, etc., but a kid could have a ball with it on paper, etc...probably want washable ink :-)