Wednesday 12 August 2009

Gardening rambles

Last night we had a delicious grilled chicken salad made with lettuce from our own garden, mixed with mandarin orange slices, almonds, and sliced grilled chicken. It was delicious, and all the more so because the lettuce was home grown.

We’ve been munching on little carrots as I thin them out, marvelling over the height of the radishes, waiting expectantly for our tomatoes to ripen, and checking on our growing zucchinis every day. Our cucumber plants are flowering and our peas are coming along nicely as well. Of everything we planted, only the spinach never came up.

If only our spring hadn’t been so cold! We didn’t plant anything until early June, so some things will only just be ready to harvest by the time we move out. I told my parents to expect a great deal of vegetables when I go! We’re looking forward to the much longer growing season in Vancouver. Unfortunately we won’t have the beautiful large garden that we dug up this summer, but we’ll plant what we can in the vegetable boxes around the back of our new place.

Definitely carrots. Mmm, garden-fresh carrots. I have fond memories of eating them straight from my childhood friend’s parents’ garden. Actually, that seems disgusting in hindsight – but ah well, a little dirt’s good for the immune system, right?

This has been such a great undertaking for us this year. From the hard work of digging the plot, to the gratitude of having someone offer to till it for us with their tractor (and the boy’s excitement of getting to watch it happen), to planting the seeds, watering them, watching those first sprouts grow, pulling out weeds, all the way up to now, finally eating the fruits (well, vegetables) of our labour. It has been so neat to see it through the eyes of our son, all that excitement and learning. I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings.


  1. It's a great joy to me as well to watch my dear vegetables grow. I do look forward to next year when I'll be able to have a much larger garden. It's quite a treat to know that the foods I'm feeding my family have been lovingly and organically grown just for them.

  2. It sounds like your garden is growing along nicely. We've had some moles pop up and eat some of our veggies :(. However there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that you planted something and it has grown so beautifully.

  3. That sounds wonderful. I think next year we are going to make a garden. By then Grayson will be "helping". :) I'm excited!

  4. WOW!! Sounds like your garden is faring much better than mine is this year... we just got back from the cottage and realized we didn't make a plan to water the garden in our absence.. ooops!!! There were tons of tomatoes though.. LOL!!!


    Hugs, Hugs

    OMGOSH - funny story to tell you.. while we were at the cottage, Luke met a little boy the same age by the name of Jack... well, when Luke learned Jack's name, he said "well, my best friend is named Jacob!"... smile...

  5. I am in Vancouver, and I have just started harvesting my tomatoes and cucumbers. This week seems to be bringing the motherlode of ripening veggies. It really is amazing growing your own food. And I feel so good, knowing that my kids will be able to taste the difference and know where their food came from.

  6. I tried to start a garden last year, but it pretty much died on me. Granted, I planted it 2 days before Ariana was born... :) I'd like to try it again next year, maybe make more of a "garden spot" in our yard!

    By the way:
    I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!! I don't know if you've received this award before - if you did, then consider yourself twice as lovely. ;-)

    Here is what I said about your blog on my post:
    Another fellow Meetup friend, although I haven't actually had the chance to meet in person, as she is in the process of moving far, far away. Which is really too bad, because I think we have a lot in common! I really enjoy reading her blog, also very AP-oriented, and always well researched.

    Thanks for being lovely! :)