Monday 31 August 2009

Missing him

I apologize for the sound of crickets around this blog lately. In addition to not having much time, I have to admit I've also been a bit mopey in recent days. Never an attractive feature in a blogger!

My husband left for Vancouver nearly two weeks ago, and I still have two weeks to go before the boy and I get to join him. It has gone quickly, I suppose, considering we're already at the midway point, but boy do I miss that man! Just the little things, mostly - snuggling with him on the couch, cooking meals together, playing with his hair, cuddling with him at night, talking with him about the unimportant details of my day, hearing about his day, simply being there to support and encourage each other in both the big and the small things. We email and talk on the phone, yes, but it's not the same.

Friday was to be my last day of work, but I agreed to stay for two weeks longer because it is a busy time there right now. I took Friday off and Monday is a holiday, so the official countdown is seven more days of work! Training frustrations are admittedly making this countdown even more prominent in my mind. I try to remind myself that pregnancy hormones never do anything good for my tolerance and patience levels.

The boy and I officially moved out of our temporary home yesterday. We had a wonderful summer in the house (hard, smelly water aside) and will miss it, especially the land around it. We harvested the remainder of our carrots, a large bunch of peas, and some zucchini. I'll be going back soon to grab the numerous tomatoes and cucumbers after giving them a bit longer to ripen/grow (the house is currently sitting empty as the owners try to sell it).

So, for the next two weeks, we're crashing at my parents' house. It'll be nice to spend some time with my parents and four sisters, but naturally it is not without its own frustrations. Those frustrations seem much smaller and more tolerable, though, once I remind myself of how far we will be moving away and how long it will be until we get to visit again.

It is a conflicting time, emotionally. Happy to have more time to spend with family. Looking forward to being with my husband and having my son's quiet routine back. Sad that my husband isn't here right now, but sad too at the prospect of having to say goodbye to my family again. Both nervous and excited at the idea of living in Vancouver. Oh yes, and let's not forget those pregnancy hormones.

Ah, the emo-ness. Forgive this post. I did want, though, to explain why it's been so quiet here - lack of opportunity, lack of time, and lack of enthusiasm. I do have a couple posts mulling around that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. I have another list of neat Etsy finds, some pregnancy musings, and a more practical post on discipline in response to all those who have said "I agree...but how??" - not to mention more than a few comments to respond to! Please, bear with me in the meantime, as I try to make the most of what little time I have left with family here...while also counting down the days until I can snuggle myself against that wonderful man again.


  1. I hope the next two weeks go quickly in times you are missing your husband and that you are able to enjoy each moment to it's fullest while spending time with your family.

  2. Well I think its perfectly acceptable to relay your feelings on your blog. I'd be beyond beside myself without my husband for that long. I pray that the next two weeks go by quickly, but not so quickly you don't get to enjoy all those moments with your family.

    Blessings dear one.....

  3. I pray the next two weeks go fast. I can't imagine being away from my husband for that length of time. I imagine its not easy for Jacob to be away from his Daddy either. It is good to read a post from you. I've been wondering how things are going. You take care and enjoy these last few weeks with your family.

  4. No need to apologize for emo-ness. We've all been there. :) Enjoy this time with your family and I hope the move back to Vancouver goes well!

  5. I hope the next (now less than two weeks) goes by quickly. I know being away from one's spouse isn't easy. I have never been away from Franklin for a very long time before. Good luck with the move :)

  6. I just found your blog. I hope your move is going well, and that you are able to settle in with grace (and that the boxes with kitchen stuff in them actually end up in the general vicinity of the kitchen). I look forward to new posts but I have lots of old ones to read back through in the mean time. I appreciate your perspective and am very encouraged by it.