Sunday 7 November 2010

Mister Independent

I walked into the kitchen yesterday morning to find that the boy was already contentedly eating his breakfast.

He had got the cereal down from the top of the fridge, poured it into a bowl, poured milk on it, put the milk away, and sat down with a spoon to eat. I was impressed!

(We'll ignore the fact that the bowl and spoon were dirty dishes that had been on the table from the previous night's bedtime snack of applesauce. He is, after all, only three.)

This boy is growing up too fast.


  1. This made me laugh lol too cute!

  2. Woo hoo! Leave a clean bowl and spoon out the night before and you're all set! I wish I could trust my boys to have a container of milk in their reach LOL

  3. How big he's getting! I still remember reading about his first birthday. Kids grow up so fast!