Monday 13 December 2010


I took Christmas pictures of the family this weekend.

I bribed the boy with candy.

I bribed my husband with sushi.

I'm not even sorry.


  1. Gotta do what works ;) The photo is beautiful!

  2. Haha, I saw the photo was worth probably! Too cute!

  3. They were definitely worth it, Korey! Got tons of Christmas pictures and even managed to get their daddy to look sort of happy in a couple of them. ;)

  4. oooooo... Sushi. You could almost talk me back into Christmas with that stuff!!!

  5. lol. Cynthia I have to laugh because the comment left on here was not my original comment! Yikes! I was on my husbands laptop that was acting up yesterday. I totally wrote:

    Haha,I saw the photo was worth it! I"d probably do the same. Too cute! least it deleted random parts and still made a reasonable sentence? Okay not really. We both need new laptops in such a bad way.

    Oh and I was gonna say you could bribe me with sushi. So far that is the thing I miss the most!

  6. oh my goodness those two boys are as cute as can be! How big they're getting... wow...