Sunday 19 December 2010


This time
last year
you were barreling through,
steam train waiting for no one,
surprising us all.

You joined us
one minute curled in my womb,
the next
with us,
angry howls filling the room
as I cradled you to my breast.
"Oh. There you are. Hello!"
We brought you to bed with us
just like we had every night
for the nine months before
and the twelve months since.
There you were.

Here you are.
You are all contrasts now.
Still so much a baby,
covered in soft baby skin,
rolls folds and creases.
Closed eyes and open mouth
hunting for
and yet -

And yet
you are standing on the verge of toddlerhood.
Standing on strong legs
taking those first uncertain steps,
joy and pride bursting forth
from your toothy grin.
Mr. Personality now
with your flirting
and your peek-a-boos,
with your determined wants
and frustrated tears
and angry cries.
Sometimes it's hard to be one.

And now we enter
a new year for you,
and soon
a new year for us too
promising growth
for you, yes
and maybe for us?

My darling baby,
I love you.

Happy birthday.


  1. Very sweet!!! It is definitely an age of contrasts...

  2. How sweet! Happy birthday to your baby boy!

  3. OH!! How beautiful!! You are such a wonderful and thoughtful Momma!!
    What a keepsake... have this printed on gorgeous paper....