Friday 21 January 2011

Making memories

The boys (and I include my husband here) have been making quite the forts this week. No blanket has been forgotten, no chair left neglected. As soon as a new fort is constructed, they all pile inside, giggling away. The baby especially finds the whole thing quite hysterical, which further sets off the boy, which then sets off the daddy, resulting in an endless loop of gleeful giggles.

So when dinnertime rolled around yesterday, it was no surprise to find a distinct lack of chairs at the kitchen table. Tray of baked nachos and cheese in one hand and bowl of guacamole in the other, I caught my husband's eye and we had one of those quick silent conversations that married couples so often have.

I tossed down a couple towels to protect the carpet. He transferred the nachos to a plate.

"Supper time!"

Oh, the squeals, laughter, and delighted exclamations! Supper in the fort? All of us?? Their joy is contagious; I do believe that was the most fun we've had eating supper in a long time.

These are gifts, such as they are, that I offer my children and pray they carry with them as they grow: moments that strengthen family relationships and memories of unexpected delight.


  1. I precious and irreplaceable are these memories! I hope your boys will treasure them!

  2. I love forts... What a wonderful photo of a precious moment!

  3. Oh, I miss fort days! Maybe I'll have to mention it to my kids. Though they are 14, 13, and 12, the are young-at-heart and may just go for it! :)

  4. He really does look delighted. :) A little bit of flexibility goes such a long way...

  5. Sonja, how fun! You definitely should. :)

    Michelle, yes, that's such a great way to phrase it. Flexibility. It really makes things simpler and more fun for all of us. :)