Tuesday 15 February 2011

All is worship

Another long day is over.

Three kids, the rain keeping us inside, pent up energy spilling over in noise and chaos. Two loads of laundry, one more waiting in the hall. Dishes, dishes, endlessly dishes. Diapers and nursing and preparing meals. Relief and gratitude when my husband cooks supper. More cleaning and tidying and parenting. Too much impatience on my part met by the freely given forgiveness of these sweet boys, leaving me wondering how can I learn to extend such complete and utter forgiveness?

I feel tired straight through, even after slipping off for a quiet nap.

Now the baby is falling asleep beside me while his daddy puts his brother to bed. The extra pre-bedtime work means I can soon slip out to the calm and quiet of a tidy home - except for the laundry waiting to be folded and the husband wanting to spend time together. Perhaps there will be a few minutes left over to read a book of my own (every earlier attempt met with two children clamoring for me to read a book to them too) before heading to bed early.

A reminder for myself tomorrow, and if you need it, for you too:

All's worship when does as worship.

1 comment:

  1. great post! I wanna put that quote at the end up in my home!!! Its so amazing how God will give us the strength and paitience we need if we give our troubles and tiredness to Him and give Him all the glory :)
    I have three children, my days seem to sound a lot like yours... I still have a load in the dryer and two loads folded on my couch and toys everywhere!!! :S!!!!