Tuesday 8 February 2011

Itching for spring

This weekend I saw a most encouraging sight - spring flowers beginning to push their way through the soil in our garden!

I am ready for spring. More than ready. This winter has been too long. The boys and I all got sick over the holidays and since then it has been one thing after another with few breaks from runny noses, chilly days and rain. My energy levels have bottomed out, and I find myself wanting to do little besides sit in front of the fireplace and read a book - bonus points if I find the energy to make myself a warm drink first. Double bonus points if I replace my book with one for the kids.

It was nice for a while to slow down, stay home, gather cozy under blankets and in front of the fire, just enjoying each other's company. But now even this introverted soul is craving the company of others - if only the noses would stop running for just a little while! It's hard to know when to go out and when to stay home when the sniffles and coughs seem never-ending.

My sanity was saved last week by an impromptu trip to a far-away mall. The baby had opted for a 15 minute nap instead of his usual 2-3 hour one, and I was far too tired from a long night to try to entertain a grumpy baby and a squirrelly preschooler at home. It was nice to get out and wander (and even nicer to treat myself to some nice chocolate for the drive back home), and the baby caught up on sleep during the long drive back home.

Yesterday, we bundled up and spent some time at the park. The fresh air and movement was so good for all of us. The boys returned home with cold hands and runny noses, happy to warm up again in front of the fireplace.

We do what we need to, but the mall is no substitute for sitting down with friends, strengthening relationships and building community for us and for our children, and a chilly trip to the park just isn't the same as a stroll through a sun-warmed forest trail. Come quickly, spring. I need this winter to end.


  1. Thank you for posting these pictures! When I look out my office window I still see huge icicles blocking my window and several inches of snow on the ground. The only visible green is still the hardy evergreens in our yard. I will live vicariously through other people's pictures for now and seek to enjoy a few more weeks of forced hibernation.

  2. I'm so ready for spring too! I wish I could see some sign of it here, instead all I see is snow :(

  3. I'm so jealous that you have green things. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These pictures are beautiful! No sign of spring here other than a couple of warm days.