Tuesday 19 April 2011

Getting outside, rain or shine

Shortly after beginning our evening walk, the rain started.

Well, maybe it'll let up right away. Let's just keep going.

It didn't let up.

But you know what? It ended up being one of the best walks we've had in a while. We listened to the various sounds of rain falling on things. We inhaled the heady scent of rain and damp soil and wet moss. We licked raindrops off our lips and shook water out of our hair. When we returned home - wet through, tired, but in good spirits - we exchanged our dripping clothes for warm pajamas and snuggled in front of the fireplace. A snack, a bedtime story, and off to bed!

The rain has kept us inside far too often - but it doesn't have to. Getting outside in the rain is the ultimate sensory activity for children, with the potential to engage all five senses.

With that in mind, here are a few favourite outdoor rainy day activities to spark your imagination (and mine!) during this rainy spring season:

Puddles: The essential rainy day activity, puddle jumping is particularly tantalizing and satisfying for children.

Mud: Get dirty? Yes, please! There's nothing quite like the feeling of mud squishing between fingers and toes.

Sticks: Find a fast-flowing ditch of water and start dropping things in. What sinks? What floats? Play Pooh sticks and see which one wins the race!

Ditches: Use shovels and sticks to channel a stream of water through ditches in the mud or sand. Add popsicle-stick bridges, mud castles, and stick flagpoles to make a whole city!

Nature walk: The classic family activity, a nature walk becomes a whole new experience in the rain.

So break out those rain boots and splash pants and get outside!

What is your favourite outdoor rainy day activity?


  1. This post is so great! Last night we had a thunder storm and I was thinking the exact same thing about the rain being a sensory experience for children. And for us. How peaceful it is , and how God knew just what sounds to make it have, and the scents and ooo its all just so loverley

  2. i love walking in the rain too, with an umbrella of course! I also love watching it from inside and curling up on the couch and reading a good book (if the baby is sleeping of course)

  3. We like walking in the rain too, especially in that misty damp almost-rain that really doesn't pour down but is just kinda wet. I like it because we usually have the trails to ourselves on those days. ;)

  4. What a great idea. This entry actually reminds me of how my MIL still insists that rain will make you sick, even in the summer :P. I'm so glad to see a Mama letting her kids get out in the rain ;)