Saturday 2 April 2011

Weekend Reading (and an award!)

...and some extra reading this weekend! Both The Modern Aboriginal Mama and Dulce de leche have awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you both! Your thoughtfulness made me smile.

As a recipient, there are a few things I have been asked to do:

  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve this award
  • Contact the bloggers and let them know about their award

Alright then, here goes!

1. ...I'm really bad at these open-ended things. Seriously, I way over-analyze them. I'm sitting here staring at the blank screen trying to think of The Seven Things you should know about me. Which, really, is one thing: I analyze everything to death. Everything. To death.

2. I have long scars on both feet from foot surgery I had when I was 12. Said foot surgery led to the discovery that I am allergic to morphine, my only (known) allergy. Being in a wheelchair all summer wasn't the most fun experience I've ever had!

3. I'm an adrenaline junkie. Bring on the roller coasters and the drops of doom. I'd love to go skydiving some day. My husband, on the other hand, is firmly in the "why would you willingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane??" camp. Party pooper.

4. Stealing from The Modern Aboriginal Mama's list, I used to play World of Warcraft with my husband on a daily basis. I started playing when I was pregnant with the boy, and I continued to play after he was born (it was the perfect nursing and napping activity). I was an awesome Tauren Druid. I became very fond of her. I haven't played in a year or so, but I'm happy to know she'll still be there if/when I decide to pick it up again.

5. I'm an introvert, and I'm shy on top of that. Talk about a double whammy when it comes to finding community and fellowship! I'm far better with written communication than I am with spoken communication. I like to tell myself I'm getting better at not being so socially awkward, but I could be fooling myself. Ignorance is bliss though, right?

6. As a child, I swore I would never get married, I would just adopt a little girl and we'd have the whole Gilmore Girls relationship thing going on. It would be great. Once I became a mother, I changed my mind and decided I wanted a whole pack of kids (my first was just that awesome). Now that I have two, the idea of a whole pack of them is somewhat unsettling. I'm so intrigued to find out what'll happen in the end. (Yes, I tend to watch my life from a third-person perspective - ooh, interesting, I wonder what will happen to them next!)

7. On that note, I used to have this infuriating habit of silently narrating my entire life in the third-person. There she sat, trying to come up with a seventh item that was interesting and personal without being too personal. Her fingers tapped anxiously on the keyboard. The cat stretched in front of her, disrupting her train of thought...yeah. It drove me nuts. What can I say? I'm special like that.

And that's seven! Now on to the fun part: choosing some of my favourite bloggers to award this to. Consider it a bunch of awesome bonus weekend reading. There's some good stuff in these blogs! In alphabetical order, because the ex-librarian in me demands it:

As For Me and My Home: Trace is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the privilege of meeting (and her boy is just precious!). Her blog is such a peaceful place to hang out and read about all the special ways she incorporates traditions and celebrations into her family's life.

Barefoot Buttercup: I just love her babywearing blog. Information, DIY, and daily babywearing moments make this a nicely rounded babywearing resource. Her other blog, Barefoot, Christian and Crunchy, is excellent as well.

Elizabeth Esther: It doesn't get more real than this. Elizabeth's blog is the perfect combination of raw honesty and sharp wit.

Emerging Mummy: Love it. Just love it. Sarah's blog is beautiful, funny, sweet, raw, tender, insightful, and fun. Sarah is someone I would love to know in person.

Living, Learning and Loving Simply: Encouraging, beautiful, and inspiring, Aimee's blog is one I'm always happy to see pop up in my feed reader.

Mashena: Nicole's blog is one that always makes me want to brew a cup of tea. It's just cozy that way. Definitely check out her thought-provoking post on Health At Every Size in the weekend reading above.

Memphis Misfit Mama: Definitely a treasure, this one. Expect to see her Why I'm Not Babywise Series featured in a weekend reading here as soon as it's done!

MultiFACEted: Karyn doesn't post anywhere near often enough, especially about her stinkin' adorable little boy, but when she does, it's good. Plus, does it get any better than her blog header?? Not that I've ever seen. Stylish indeed!

Permission to Live: Here is true writer. I am loving her ongoing courtship story.

PhD in Parenting: This is the go-to blog for research-based parenting information. I appreciate Annie's willingness to tackle big issues, like Nestle and covering up when breastfeeding.

SortaCrunchy: I don't think Megan has ever written anything that didn't resonate with me. Challenging, encouraging, and inspiring, here is true community.

The Not-Ever-Still Life: A new favourite of mine, Robin's posts always make me smile. I adore her way of taking simple moments and making them come alive. Check out her post A fond farewell for a perfect example.

The Parent Vortex: One of the top resources for gentle discipline information, parenting book reviews, and mindful living. Her Playful Self-Discipline project is always thought-provoking - sometimes uncomfortably so! As I have the distinct privilege of knowing Michelle in person, I can vouch for her awesomeness and authenticity.

Walk Slowly, Live Wildly: You don't get more stylish than Sara. I am ridiculously jealous of her gorgeous dreads. Her words and pictures never fail to make me smile.

There you have it! Happy reading, and happy weekend!


  1. I'm so honored to be in your weekend reading links!

    Thanks for the "award" too - makes me super happy that my blogs makes you want to brew tea. :)

    I'm horrid at returning such awards..but I shall try..maybe. lol

  2. thanks for the award! so sweet of you. and thanks too for linking to my blog on What Kind of Mother am I?

  3. awwww your so sweet! Hugs to you!!! And congratulations on winning the award! I love getting updates from your blog and always enjoy reading it!

  4. You are too kind. Thanks for including me in your links, and the award : )

  5. Thanks so much for linking! I've really been enjoying your blog lately.:)

  6. I am very flattered. :) Thanks for linking me up, and I'd never have guessed that you are an adrenaline junkie! cool. :)

  7. So honoured to be included here. And yes, I agree - real life friends? For sure! (Your series here on attachment parenting is brilliant.) xo

  8. SQUEAL!!!!! I'm just reading this now!!! I feel very honored indeed!!!! Thanks C!!