Saturday 21 May 2011

If it really was the end

Like so many others, I've been somewhat entertained by the idea of a predicted rapture happening today. I've laughed at the suggestion to leave sets of clothes on lawns and sidewalks. I've wondered at the intensity of the personality that could convince others of the truth in such a prediction. Mostly, I've just shrugged the whole thing off as another cult's crazy antics.

But I've also wondered, what if it really was the end? Not in the "hmm, maybe they're right" sense (because of course they aren't), but in the mindful sense of "how would I want to spend my last day on earth?"

And if I'm not living that way already...why not?

If I knew today was my last chance, I'd worry less about the state of my house and more about the state of my relationships.

I'd say "yes" to far more of my children's requests, instead of "soon", "not now", or "no".

I'd enjoy the feel of the sunshine, the smell of the ocean, the sounds of the forest.

I'd extend forgiveness rather than harbouring grudges and self-destructive anger.

I'd phone my loved ones to tell them what they meant to me.

I'd speak words of encouragement, appreciation, and love rather than harsh words of criticism and impatience.

Instead of squirreling things away for "someday", I'd break out the best dishes, use my favourite supplies, eat that hidden chocolate, and enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow.

Am I living this way? Sometimes.

Is tomorrow ever guaranteed? Never.

Can I be more mindful in living this way every day? Nothing is lost by trying.

One more step on my journey towards an intentional life.

How would you live if today was your last?


  1. Since the day my son was born I've always treated out relationship as if it was the last day; but I don't think I do it with regard to anything else in my life. The truth is, if today was the last day and I knew it, I'd be chilling out with my family and stuffing my face with piles and piles of sushi. The mess in my home would remain and so would any of my inhibitions. If I lived like that everyday, I'd weigh 500 lbs and live in a pile of my own filth, haha. My family wouldn't want to be around me anymore and I'd probably have no friends ;) But no, seriously, I love this post and I totally agree with what you are saying.

  2. Oh so true! There are definitely some necessary evils of today not being the last day - I'd definitely shirk on many of my responsibilities if it was! - but there are also a lot of time sinks and misplaced priorities in my day that I could stand to work on.

    ...And now I'm totally craving sushi.

  3. I have had similar thoughts this past week. Do I really want to spend my time arguing over insignificant things? No way - whether or not the world is ending tomorrow.