Monday 23 May 2011


Last week was filled with exciting blogging milestones!

Did you know The Hippie Housewife has a Facebook page? We passed 200 likes last week! RSS readers also passed the 200 mark, while Google Friends reached 100. It's always neat to see those numbers turn over.

Last week I also attended my first blogging event! As one of the 2011 Top 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers, I was invited to a celebration to meet the other top bloggers from both this year and last.

For a shy introvert like me, this sort of thing tends to be a bit panic-inducing. While Michelle was casually Facebooking about nettles a mere half hour before I was supposed to pick her up, I had spent the three hours leading up to the event madly trying to put together some sort of non-mommy outfit that might be acceptable for an evening out, trying to get my hair to settle down in a pretty non-mommy style, and trying to get myself showered, shaved, and presentable with two wild boys underfoot.

Oh, the stress.

It didn't help that, just minutes before walking out the door, I turned to my husband and said, "I feel ridiculous. Do I look ridiculous?"

There's only one right answer to that, am I right, ladies?

Apparently not.

"Not really," was his distracted reply.

(In his defense, he's since apologized at least three times, assuring me that I looked lovely and blaming his distraction on a voice mail he was in the middle of checking at the time. I'm considering forgiving him. Maybe next week.)

Anyway, I managed to show up to Michelle's on time, with a freshly vacuumed car because the previous version was really quite embarrassing. I'd blame it on the kids and the pretzels and pitas they'd been eating in the car recently, but I'd be lying if I didn't also acknowledge the Starbucks straw wrappers and empty chocolate wrappers on the floor as being all mine.

We arrived at the event shortly after it begun. I tried not to clutch Michelle like the lifeline she was (a million thanks for letting me pick you up so I didn't have to arrive alone!), grabbing the first wine glass offered to me and clutching that instead.

I soon had to release my glass for a quick picture, bringing back all my least favourite childhood memories. "You'll smile and look happy whether you like it or not! Chin up! Smile bigger! RELAX!!!" Oh camera, how I despise thee.

Pictures over and security blanket wine glass once again in hand, I headed into the crowd for the dreaded mingling. I enjoyed a fun conversation with the adorable Monika. I got to meet Janice, who is the sort of person I'd love to sit down with over a cup of coffee (if, you know, I drank coffee). I said a quick hello to the lovely Sarah (again!).

And I clutched my wine glass.

All in all, it wasn't a bad evening. The most exciting part of all? Arriving home to two sleeping children. Will wonders never cease.

Anyway! What better way to celebrate these milestones than a giveaway?? I will be doing just that on Friday. In honour of being part of the Vancouver mom-blogger community, I plan to use this week to highlight some local and Canadian businesses. Tomorrow I'll be sharing my top three local kid-friendly activities, and on Thursday I'll be sharing my top three Canadian online businesses. Then we'll finish the week off with a giveaway!

See you tomorrow!


  1. It sounds great! I am glad you had fun!!

  2. Congratulations! You are a fabulous writer and even cooler person. I am so glad for all that you share with us. :)

  3. It was fun! I'm glad you described me as adorable and not annoying haha. I'm shy in public settings and for some reason that translates into talking nonstop. My foot often meets my mouth =x

  4. Congrats! You deserve such a great honor! Oh and yeah, there was only once answer he could have given that was the right answer. LOL. Maybe forgive him but I'd string it along a little if you can get chocolate out of it ;).