Monday 29 August 2011

Children's Book Review: Sounds of the Ferry

Title: Sounds of the Ferry
Author: Sara Leach
Publisher: Poppy Productions
Published: May 1, 2011
Paperback: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9782818-2-3

From the Publisher

Following up on their best-selling adventures in "Mountain Machines", author Sara Leach and illustrator Steven Corvelo board a ferry to explore the sounds and sights of a sea voyage. Full of detail, recurring characters and colorful marine life, this rhyming picture book takes children aged two to six on an entertaining ferry ride full of things that churn, hum, hiss, roar, groan, zip, screech, splash and clang - lots of fun!

My Review

I was born on Vancouver Island but grew up in the prairies. We spent our summers driving back to the coast, and my favourite part was always the ferry. I loved the long wait, the thrill of driving on board, the bellowing horn as it pulled away from shore. I loved the slide and toy boats. I loved the gift shop and the pens they sold with the floating boat the glided from end to end as you tipped it. I loved the rare glimpses of seals or other ocean life. I loved the way the ferry rocked back and forth - sky, sea, sky, sea, sky, sea. I loved the smell. The wind. The mist. I loved it all, and I love that I now get to share the experience with my own children as we travel between the island and the mainland.

Author Sara Leach captures that joy perfectly in her book Sounds of the Ferry. From the cars driving aboard (ca-chunk, ca-chunk) to the three chiming bells signaling arrival, the entire ferry experience is laid out through its many sounds. The rhyming prose is delightful and the illustrations are excellent. It was particularly fun to watch the characters throughout their journey. The boy enjoyed the activity at the back of the book, prompting readers to go back and find certain pictures in the story. Fun from start to finish!

Buy It!

You can purchase a copy of Sounds of the Ferry at Chapters or directly from the author's website.

(This is an unpaid review. I received a complementary copy of the author's book in order to provide my honest review of it. I receive no compensation for any sales made as a result of this review.)

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