Wednesday 14 September 2011

First-World Living: Taking the first steps

Last week I shared the question I have been wrestling with: What am I to do with this first-world life of mine? The words you left in response were a comfort and an encouragement.

Today, I take that question another step further, exploring first steps towards a more holistic way of walking justly. You can find me over at SortaCrunchy, guest posting on this topic of first-world living:

How do I leave behind this stage of being overwhelmed and move intentionally into a more holistic method of social justice? I don't have all the answers - maybe I don't have any - but I know that every journey starts with just one step.

One step...and then the next. I can do that.

I hope you will join me over at SortaCrunchy to read the rest and to share your own steps, small or large, towards walking justly here in the First World.

SortaCrunchy is beautifully written by Megan, mother of two little girls and author of the book Spirit-Led Parenting, to be released in spring 2012. Megan invites us into discussions about "faith, family, and a life more natural". Be sure to browse through her other lovely posts while you're there!

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  1. I know how you feel - I think it can be very easy to become overwhelmed, even distressed, by some things which are going on in the world. And there are no 'easy answers' to dealing with that, unfortunately.