Friday 2 September 2011

A September to Remember: Memories

You can find me over at Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources today, guest posting on the topic of creating memories with our children:

Will he remember that I sat by his bed every night, singing to him as he drifted off to sleep? Or will he remember instead the times I spoke harshly, wanting him to just go to sleep so I could go do other things (as though washing the supper dishes was more important than being a comforting presence to my son)? Will he remember the trips to the park, the library, the farm – or will he remember instead the times I was overly anxious to get back to the comfort of our home, rushing him along instead of allowing him to linger and explore as long as he liked?

Sad that he will forget, worried that he will remember, I become increasingly conscious of the memories I am creating for this little boy, aware of their significance...

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Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources is run by L. R. Knost, a homeschooling mother of six and a published, award-winning author whose works include a devotional guide, a children's writing curriculum, and a children's church curriculum. She is also the author of Wisdom for Little Hearts, a children's book series designed to entertain and instruct children while equipping parents, teachers, and caregivers with 'Gentle Parenting' discipline techniques. Be sure to check out some of the other great posts while you're there!


  1. I often wonder what they remember best.....I do hope it is mostly all the good with a sprinkle of the prove that I am human and not perfect.

    I hope they understand that I have done and continue to do the best I can and grow from the good and bad of motherhood.

  2. awe - that was a great post!!!!
    May our children always remember the first friendships they had with each other!! those 2 puddle jumpers!! LOL!!