Tuesday 22 November 2011


There is this moment every evening.

I have just slipped out of the bedroom. The kids are breathing deep and I, for what feels like the first time today, breathe out.

The dishes are drying beside the sink. The books are lined up on the bookshelf (by size, of course). The toys have been put to bed in their appropriate resting places until tomorrow. Only a stray toy car or animal lies in the middle of the floor, overlooked or dropped as boys were corralled to the bedroom.

The emails have been sent, the paperwork tended to, and the work either complete or put off (but the decision to put it off makes it complete for now, in my mind).

The counters have been cleared, the table has been wiped down, and the floor has been swept (maybe). The dryer is humming with clothes that will be folded in the morning.

The day's responsibilities are complete. The house is at peace and so am I. Tea in one hand, journal in the other, I finally let that long-held breath out.

I exhale.


  1. I LOVE that moment. So hard-won, every day.

  2. Love that moment at the end of a day!

  3. I get to that point too, when my daughter is asleep - but that's when work and paperwork and cleaning start! How do you do it? I need your secrets!

  4. I can feel the relief in your words- it's almost tangible!

    And TY for the sweet well wishes on Ailia's arrival! :)

  5. Luschka, it is my daily goal to have everything done before putting the kids to bed! We've settled into quite a nice evening routine. The husband is in charge of the kids' bedtime routine (which includes tidying up the living room); I take advantage of this time to wash up any pots that are still waiting, make sure the kitchen is tidy, switch the laundry, etc. Once they're ready for bed, I put them to sleep and then come out to quiet peace. If something came up and I didn't get everything done, I sometimes do it after they're asleep and sometimes leave it until morning. :)

  6. So lovely. I too still strive to have the dishes done and living spaces tidied before the kids go to bed, but these past few days I've been going to bed with a book after the kids are asleep. I don't see the mess and I am so warm and cosy under the covers. The extra hours of sleep and early waking in the morning are a bonus. (The dirty dishes are still there in the morning though...)

  7. I love and miss you and just needed you to know that today this day. I think of you often and miss you very, very much you were once a very huge part of my life on bloop and yes I still go there no where as near as much as I use to I do still find myself writting there from time to time. But you are someone I hold very close to my heart and always will. Love you much and miss you more Stick