Saturday 5 November 2011

The Saturday Evening Blog Post

It's time again for the Saturday Evening Blog Post, hosted by Elizabeth Esther. Elizabeth collects the "best of" posts on the first Saturday of every month, an opportunity for bloggers to gather and share their favourite post from the previous month.

Tonight, Elizabeth invites us to share our favourite post from October. I added more gentle discipline posts last month - Attachment Parenting: Beyond the baby years, Nurturing parent-child relationships through play, and Ten alternatives to time-outs - which are always some of my favourite posts to share.

But my most favourite of all from October is Bedtime bonding, in which I recall a particularly peaceful bedtime experience in our home. Other nights would include more frustration, more grumpiness on my part because patience wears thin by the end of a long day. These more peaceful nights, however, are the ones I want to remember, and particularly so because it is the memory of them that somehow calms me during the nights when I am tempted to snap and growl and throw a temper tantrum of my own. Just remember the better nights...and breathe in peace.

If you've written something you'd like to share this month, swing by her blog and add your link!

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