Friday, 13 April 2012

Simple joys

This has been a week where all those simple joys seem impossible to miss. I blame the sunshine and warmth; can anything make life seem more cheerful than sunshine after too much rain? So we drag lawn chairs outside and I sit while they run, all of us soaking up that sunshiny happiness together. My list of thanksgiving grows even faster these days:

  • Shrugging off the to-do list and following the kids outside for some fresh morning air.

  • Dirty bare feet and dew-soaked pajamas.

  • Another encouraging prenatal appointment, hearing that beautiful heartbeat.

  • Precious baby kicks.

  • Windows flung wide open.

  • Fresh flowers on the table.

  • That glorious spring air.

  • A fresh stack of books from the library.

  • Father and sons elbow-deep in the water, making damns and canals and following up with a boat race.

  • Boys playing in the dirt.


  1. Love this. So sweet. Thanks for sharing and in-spiring!


  2. What a lovely, peaceful post to enjoy with my morning coffee--thanks so much. :) Blessings!

  3. I agree its been perfect hasn't in alabama its been a little on the warmer side...our oldest has old metal tonka toys they are a combination of hand-me downs from his daddy childhood or yard sale finds and he's been loving the weather playing in the dirt! sometimes he gets so dirty we have to pull his clothes off before he comes in..... but those are the days are the best :) happy spring!

  4. Whoa, I missed that you're pregnant! Congratulations!!! Baby kicks are the most wonderful thing. I also thought feeling hiccups in my butt was hilarious. ;)