Saturday, 7 April 2012

Weekend Reading: Holy Saturday

Splints for the Soul @ The EO
"Move on now and love people, ya big beautiful mess."

The Women Wait @ Rachel Held Evans
"They had no idea how, without the help of men, they could ever move away that heavy stone. But as soon as the blue light of dawn seeped through the windows in the morning, the women rose and, in an act of radical friendship and faith, went to the tomb anyway..."

Words for the Waiting @ The Incorrigible Gingers
"Hindsight is beautiful. It allows us the privilege of upcoming celebration, unimaginable to the disciples that dark Sabbath. Joy comes in the morning, but it means little when we don't know how long the night will be. This Saturday, the middle day, is given sparse attention compared to Good Friday and Better Easter. Yet, 2000 years later, it is a glorious day; a reminder that the wait isn't in vain. The outcome does not depend on my knowing, my hoping, my striving."

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